Affiniti Terms of Use

Revision: May 25, 2018

Welcome to Affiniti VC! We empower the next generation of angel investing.

Affiniti VC is an online startup investment arena where startup founders, angels and investors meet to execute successful and efficient financing. In a two phase investment process, experienced lead venture capital firms and experienced angels first make a commitment to a startup’s round of financing and then invite other crowd investors to join their lead at lower amounts. We believe the initial endorsement made by experienced angels is primal to the investment process as it forms a quality control measure for the broader investor community. By providing investors with the opportunity to invest responsibly alongside experienced angels and lowering the bar for minimal investments, Affiniti VC turns millions of people into potential angels, thereby expanding the ecosystem and enabling a large number of diverse founders and founding teams of startups to get funded.

Our users can be founders of a startup looking to raise capital, or investors who would like to invest in startups.